MARC O’POLO catches the pulse of a new generation with the launch of MARC O’POLO DENIM. Tailored to the contemporary urban nature of cool individuals the world over, the collection comes to life in a spirited new campaign, produced in New York, that puts personality over perfection, celebrating the confident, creative attitude that sets this generation apart.

To shoot the campaign, MARC O’POLO turned to Bruce Weber protege Sean Thomas, who has a natural affinity for the it-generation of today, having photographed them for magazines such as i-D, Interview and American Vogue. Thomas infuses the campaign with his fresh, youthful nature, while stylist and style icon Ursina Gysi gives it a modern, fashion-forward touch.

Instead of a single picture, the key campaign image is a collage of snap shots. The models—four girls, four boys, eight vivid personalities—strike you instantly with their diversity. There is no one type here. Each is an individual, a character, yet taken together, they represent a generation—international, multicultural and most definitely on the rise.

It’s in keeping with MARC O’POLO DENIM’s casual spirit that modeling is just something these personalities do, one project among many. Kye is noted for his art. Dorith just made her directorial debut. Luz has her own online fashion retail shop. Creatives and influencers one and all, the DENIM cast make MARC O’POLO’s slogan, Follow Your Nature, relevant for their generation.

In addition to the key visual, Thomas created a campaign film for MARC O’POLO DENIM that puts these characters in a context. From an impossible-to-find Berlin pool hall to the skate park at Paris’s Trocadero to the perfect New York dive bar, the locations resonate with DENIM’s international audience and their casually fashionable approach to conquering the world.

MARC O’POLO DENIM stands for a fresh, modern, urban way of being. Drawing deeply on its Swedish heritage, the brand takes a natural, self-explanatory, typically Nordic approach to denim. What would the young Scandinavian designers of the last decade be creating if they started their collections today? The answer may well be MARC O’POLO DENIM.


Monica Heini

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