When Karl-Heinz Mohr founded the company in Starnberg, in 1982, little did he know that he would with the unique MORE & MORE Life Philosophy, occupy a niche on the German clothing market, and as such create the basis for his success story. A short time later, the brand notwithstanding its success on the wholesale business market also proofed to be very successful in its vertical orientation. The first MORE & MORE store consequently opened its doors in Munich, in 1984, what was followed by many other stores in Germany and as of 1996, at the international level.

MORE & MORE is synonymous with naturalness, individuality, tradition and harmony. This is also reflected in the product lines of the shoes, bags and eyewear – which are always characterized by extremely high product and quality standards.

Natural, feminine, unmistakable and always with a great attention to detail – is how the successful concept of the MORE & MORE fashion brand is consistently capable of being described. Current trends are unceasingly taken up and interpreted with an individual handwriting. The collection offers both elegant and feminine business outfits as well as neat and sporty leisure wear. The Star Berger fashion company thereby places particular emphasis on solid quality at a fair price.


Alexandra Rebbert

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